The lookalike Pamela Anderson shows her breasts Morandini live in!
It's hot in Jean-Marc Morandini! Usually accompanied by two big tits Cécile de Ménibus, the reporter received a guest of weight ... the Pamela Anderson lookalike.

Her breasts are the air at high speed! Huge: D
Dr. House: discover why he limps!
A pipe in the middle of a game of Baseball Oo!
This crazy break at McDonald parqu'elle not to eat!
Blondes: Compilation of the biggest failures, falls ... !
Pierce the abscess giant cow, not for the sensitive!
Too sexy to go to the supermarket! Excellent!
Accident: Five injured, one grave at Disneyland Paris!
Taiwo insult loud and PSG before 80,000 fans at Stade de France!
A dancer performs movements Matrix! Amazing look!